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Welcome! Whether you came here because you're a friend, a family member, found me through a Facebook group or any other means, I'm so excited to share my hobby with you.

I don't claim to be an expert about anything hiking related.  I don't claim to have all of the, or even any answers, but what I do have is a willingness to tell you the candid adventures of my travels, achievements, and especially my mistakes. Feel free to laugh, smile, and enjoy my learning and exploits exploring the trails and mountains.

Why did I start this, you might ask?  Well, you might have asked that, so I'm going to assume if you went this far you want the answer to this question.  I live in one of the most gorgeous parts of the country, and arguably the world.  The Rocky Mountains outside of Denver are an area that people travel across the globe to just enjoy for a short vacation.  It's really easy to take for granted what's in your own backyard, only to realize one day you wasted that opportunity that was right in front of you.

Doing just a little bit of research, I found a veritable lifetime's worth of casual hiking out my backdoor, Couple that with my desire to get in better shape in a sort of mini midlife crisis, and that adds up to a mediocre attempt at minor internet fame.

I wanted to find an activity that didn't require a ton of equipment or professional training or gym memberships or any of the typical accoutrements that traditional exercise programs have, so hiking seemed to fit the bill.

Some shoes, and a willingness to walk were all that were required to begin with, and I had at least one of those things so I decided to hike. 

I also have been dealing with a massive amount of stress and anxiety being a small business owner.  Every minute of the day, I'm pretty much having to think about, and deal with putting out a thousand little fires, and a couple massive infernos, so the opportunity to take on a hobby that by it's very nature requires you to get away from people was a perfect fit. 

For those couple of hours, I can be with only who I choose. For a little while, I can only care about the trees, and birds, and all the other bullshit that Thoreau talked about.  For a precious section of time, it's my time, and no one can bother me unless I invite them with me.

I also like the idea that hiking is a non competitive activity that still has lofty goals and aspirations associated.  There's no such thing as a "better" hiker, or a "best" hiker.  There's just hikers, and no matter how fast you get to somewhere or what equipment you used to get there, when you finish a trail you've had a shared experience with everyone who came before you.  I've been to a summit and sat next to someone I literally watched RUN past me.  When we were sitting enjoying the respite at the top, no one was comparing themselves against the other people there.  We all were happy that this place existed and that we could share it together.

So here we are, telling stories and hopefully reducing our waistline. We wear our dad bod's proudly here, and haul our fat asses up hills and summits, as long as we're home by lunch.  I'm self-depricating, snarky, and silly.  My writing, grammar, and story telling are probably going to be horrible, but if you stick with me, you might learn something.  Nothing useful, but something nonetheless

Brian is a small business owner and musician that has more hobbies than he has hours to do them.

Brian is a lifelong nerd that plays Magic:The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, board games, and video games. 

He's an insomniac that uses his late night time to crochet, do art projects and binge watch TV shows. 

His favorite shows include West Wing, Futurama, The Office, Stargate SG-1, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Favorite movies include Anything by Kevin Smith, Evita, The entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter, Planet Earth, and Any other super nerdy Fandom. 

Favorite Video games include Mario Kart, Shadow of the Collossus, Donkey Kong Country Series, Rayman Legensd, Hollow Knight, Valorant, and JackBox Games.

Before a scooter accident Brian was a good, but not great disc golfer

Brian plays brass instruments in a number of local ensembles including Euphonium, Trumpet, Alto Horn, and others. 

He can fix almost anything, and loves to do arts and crafts projects including perlers, Drawing , Making Buttons, Painting, and engraving.

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