Sunday, May 31, 2020

Hike 16: Where the Wild(flower) Things are: Fowler Loop

Date: May 30th, 2020
Hike Distance: 5.1 Miles
Location: Boulder, Colorado. Fowler Loop
Hike Start Time: 5:30AM
Condition: Warm, Sunny
Total Miles: 82.8 Miles

This weekend the girls decided to come with me so I picked shorter distance trek.  I decided also to continue in the same area I went in the previous hike.  there was another loop beyond where I went last week that looked nice.  Considering how much I enjoyed the previous weeks journey and that my OCD sense of completion wanted to check off all the trails in one area, this seemed like a good fit.

Sunrise was at 5:30, so we got up at the bright and early time of 4:30.  Luckily, we had planned the night before for this hike, so all of our bags were packed and ready to go ahead of time.  I recommend doing all of this prep the night before whenever getting up for early hikes.  It's really easy to forget things when your sleep-deprived brain is stumbling through your morning routine.  If you take care of as much as possible when you're alert and awake, you'll be much happier once you hit the trail.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Hike #15. Looking into the future.

Date: May 19th, 2020
Hike Distance: 8.7 Miles
Location: Boulder, Colorado. Flatirons Vista, Doudy Draw
Hike Start Time: 5:50AM
Condition: Warm, Sunny
Total Miles: 77.7 Miles

Have you ever been somewhere and merely looking around you're surrounded by the idea of future possibilities?  This trail did that for me.  I've done some trails just north of this area and was able to look up at the flatirons and be hopeful for the days that I feel like I'm in shape enough to climb to the top.  South Boulder Peak and Bear peak are on my list of trails to hike, and I've known they were overlooking those areas.  While on this trail, I was able to get a spectacular view of Shadow Canyon, which is where the trails and switchbacks to the top of these peaks are.  It was calling to me and motivated me to get ready for more elevation gain and difficulty in my Hikes.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hike #14: The sweet taste of (controlled) Freedom! Bear Creek Lake Park

Date: May 16th, 2020
Hike Distance: 7.2 Miles
Location: Lakewood, Colorado. Bear Creek Lake Park. Mt. Carbon Loop
Hike Start Time: 1:30 PM
Condition: Warm, Sunny
Total Miles: 69.0

As the world changes around us, and we all start to adjust and figure out what the new normal is going to be, it's important to find a way to experience the things you love, while being safe with the people you love.  The weather's getting warmer, and we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we decided to do a little research about how we could get outside today.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hike #13: Full Moon Hike at Chautaqua.

Date: April 7th, 2020
Hike Distance: 2.2 Miles
Location: Boulder, Colorado. Chautaqua Park
Hike Start Time: 9:01 PM
Condition: Cool, Clear, Mild Wind
Total Miles: 61.78

What a crazy Couple of Months.  The irony that my activity that I used to get away from people, became an activity that I couldn't do.......because I had to keep away from people was not lost on me.  I hope everyone's feeling good, and is taking care of their family and being safe in whatever things they are doing.