Sunday, January 12, 2020

Journey of a thousand miles, or something....

So here we are.  I wasn't planning on writing a blog, but when you get out on a trail by yourself you have a lot of quiet time to think.  It's a good time for thinking, and I decided that some of the things I was talking to myself about I might want to get down in writing so I didn't forget them like a dream you wake up in the middle of.

 I decided on my 39th birthday that I was going to lose 40 pounds by the time I was forty.  I'm currently 249.8 pounds.  That .2 pounds is really important because I've never in my life been over 250. It has always felt like this hard line between being "a little overweight" and truly FAT.  I know that official charts for weight versus height put me in the obese category, but for me that was the line in the sand or the North wall towards really being a fat guy.

I know what you're probably thinking: Look at the date!  It's another new year's resolution exercise blog that'll fizzle by February.   I can't say that it's not a little true, but for the record I started a diet and exercising on October 18th.  I cut out all deep fried food, and joined a gym that I go to at least twice a week with help from a friend that is actually healthier than I am, which is saying a lot because he's diabetic.

Okay, but what's with the hiking you're asking?  Well, you would be asking if you are actually reading this, which is doubtful, but okay, I'll answer the question for my own edification.  Like my Own "Dear Evan Hanson" Diary.  I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and probably the world.  I have access to hills, mountains, and trails that people all around are envious of, and I rarely enjoy them.  I own a business and have a 7 year old that I love and a wife that enjoy spending time with, so things as mundane as "going for a walk outside" seem to get pushed back past things like building a fence or greenhouse, or doing laundry, or painting a new room of the house.  I need an outlet that can be enjoyed with minimal monetary investment and can be done during the hours that the two ladies in my life are sleeping.  My wife and daughter love to sleep, and I'm an incessant insomniac so I stay up late and get up early, and hiking is an easy activity that fits in this.

I'll stop blabbering about the basics, and get to my first trail report now.  I can't guarantee that I'm going to be a good or even okay writer, but I can promise you that I'll do something stupid and you'll get to hear about it.  Let's hit the trail

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